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HDRI locations is a combination of one ultra high resolution HDRI map and multiple matching backplates to use as a background for your renderings.

The HDRI maps are either 11500x3750 or 14000x7000 to assure the absolute best quality. They are shot using a professional DSLR camera so they are NOT made with a Spheron camera which most of HDRI-Locations competitors are using. Spheron only shoots in lower resolution and quality isn't as good, especially in low-light situations. So if you want good quality HDRI-Locations.com is your best choice!


If you have any questions regarding any of the products on this website then don't hesitate to contact me using any of the following methods:

E-Mail: info@hdri-locations.com
Mobile: (+45) 22160500

Category explanation

In the upper right corner of the page the Locations can be sorted based on their lightning, the ground the car would be standing on, and the type of location the car could be in.

The ground and location is obvious, but below is a summary of what the various lighting conditions mean, and what type of cars they work with and don't work with.

Sunny: A typical midday lighting where the sun is out and hitting the area directly. This kind of lighting is usually not so good for black and red cars or other colors that are very shiny. In general the hardest type of light to get a good looking car.
Sunset/Sunrise: Sun is visible but it's very close to the horizon, this type of lighting is good for most car colors.
Dusk/Dawn: The sun is below the horizon, so the car is not hit by direct sun light, this also works with most car colors.
Cloudy: Sun is covered by clouds so no direct sunlight. If there are many scattered clouds then those might look like dirty spots on a red car, on a silver car that's not an issue as it's blurred out.
Shade: This category is for situations where the sun is out, but the area where the car will be is in shade, so the sun is either behind a building or mountains or something else.. This type of light usually gives a really nice looking car no matter what color it is.
Interior: This is assigned when the car is inside and the lighting outside doesn't really matter.


Q: What is "hdri locations"
A: HDRI locations is a combination of one high resolution HDRi map and matching backplates to use as a background for your renderings.
Q: The resolution is too big, what do I do?
A: The resolution of the HDRi maps is 11500x5750 which obviously require a lot of memory, if your software can't handle it then you can always scale it down in software like HDRsoft or Photoshop CS2 and up.
Q: What fileformat does all the files come in?
A: The HDRi map comes as an .hdr file. The backplates comes as jpeg files saved at the lowest compression rate meaning the files is as close to lossless as possible.
Q: When I import the HDRi map into max it looks like it's flipped?
A: That is correct, I'm not sure why but you can fix it by setting the U tiling to -1.
Q: The backplates seems a little flat.
A: Only a small amount of post processing have been done to the files, the reason for this is the hdri files can't be overly processed and as the backplates has to fit the hdri map they can't be processed too much either.
Q: What gamma is the HDRi maps?
A: They are all 2.2 so if you're working with gamma 1 you have to compensate for that. With 3dsmax you can use ColorCorrect from Cuneyt Ozdas which you can find here. And then set the gamma to 0.45 (0.45 is equal to 1/2.2).
Q: How is the files delivered?
A: When you have bought something you can go to "Account->My orders" there you can find all the files for download. Files should be available immdiately after payment at PayPal.
Q: Can I have an invoice?
A: When you have bought something you can go to "Account->My orders" and the bottom of each order there is a link to your invoice.
Q: Is it royalty free?
A: Yes! When you bought it you can use it as many times as you want. For more details read the legal page which you can find here.
Q: I'm from Europe, so what about VAT?
A: All prices on this page is exclusive VAT. But if you have a business with a valid VAT you can be exempt to pay VAT in the shop. Just make sure you have a VAT ID in your profile.
Q: Is there any tutorials available explaining how to use the HDRi locations?
A: At this moment there isn't, but it might come in the future.
Q: Can you make some renderings for me?
A: Sure, just send a mail to thomas@suurland.com and we can see if we can work something out.
Q: I need an HDRi map from a specific location, can you help me out.
A: Most likely, send a mail to info@hdri-locations.com explaining what you need and I'll see what I can do.